The Geometry Dash Insane Demon List

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Insane demon list.

Record Submission Rules

  • We have officially adopted most of the Pointercrate demonlist's guidelines, which you can find here. This means that your record must be acceptable on Pointercrate for it to be acceptable on this list! However, we also have some extra rules, specific to IDl, as well as some leniency changes:
  • The level must be Rated "Insane Demon" for at least a week in order to be added. Also, a level needs to be rated to another difficulty for a week in order to be removed from the list. Levels that have been removed for a week will be seen at the "Removed Levels" section, which can be found at the bottom of the legacy list.
  • Despite what it says on the Pointercrate guidelines, generally first records without clicks/taps (if android) will not be accepted, even if there is supporting raw footage.
  • Android mobile users are not exempt from any of these rules!
  • iOS users have their own special rules; Taps are recommended, but if you have been proven to be a reliable player, they are not needed.
  • Computer players are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to submit records with clicks. For first records, clicks are required, after that (assuming there wasn't any suspicions regarding the submission of your record), clicks arent required.
  • Please do not submit multiple records of the same record (don't submit dupes)!

Reach out to the team!

The easiest place to reach us is our Discord server. There will always be staff members active at most hours of the day, so you can rest assured that your question or concern will get answered! The community there's pretty chill too, so, why not pop in?

Speaking of staff, here's the Staff list if you want to reach someone in particular or are just curious:

  • List Leaders:

    • Wolvyy
    • Squakk
  • List Moderators:

    • Frunk
  • List Helpers:

    • Daxy
    • Monke
    • Proto
    • Willow
    • Sprankton
    • Umbra
    • MacJubber
    • razsta4ax
    • Fawxu
  • Server Staff:

    • Shrixy
    • Pizzabote6h
    • Heater123

Follow the team! and other links

Almost every member of the team has a YouTube channel. Find it Here!

Almost all of them are followed accounts on the Insane Demon List's official Twitter Account!

Some of the members have socials, others do not. Team members will have their social media links linked to their discord accounts if they have any, so that's the place to find where to follow them.

Record submission form:

With what?

  • ... me calculate how many points I will have after I beat/progress on something!" Go to leaderboard and then points calculator.
  • ... I need to ask you something!" Contact me (ssamosa211#2828) on discord.
  • ... me beat a level!" Here, I give you my blessings (even though I havent beaten a list level lol). Wishing u luck :)
  • ... its not listed here."Contact one of the leaders discord.